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What is “airbag” a sharing service of check baggage?

“airbag” is a sharing service to connect the tourist who would like to leave their baggage and the store which has a space to leave baggage centering on Hiroshim-shi.

Have you ever had an experience while you traveling that you finally arrived at your destination by train, and you are troubled with the place to leave your baggage?
Tourist to Japan is increasing every year, but the coin-operated locker or baggage storages are still limited.
And it is also hard to find where is and how many available.
Even if you find them, all of the lockers might be used depending on the time. It is just time consuming.

So, you could leave your baggage to restaurants and shops registered at “airbag” and enjoy sightseeing empty-handed.

A small hand baggage to a big suitcase over 90L, a buggy is also acceptable.
You could see the location by map, and make reservation by contacting us.

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